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TeX to HTML Translation

As of 15th of March 2022 I switch from the python script to a more robust one created in OCaml. The repo is here. To install it:

git clone
dune build @install
dune install
htmlfromtexbooks --help

Or download the binaries for your system (only linux 64 bits is pre compiled)

New Usage

See legacy for the command line version

This version of the program supports automatically extracting information, so if you type only


The program will:

It’s equivalent to

htmlfromtexbooks --input file.tex --output file.html --use-glossary glossary.tex --name <title> --start-chapter <configuration>

Legacy Usage

To smooth the transition from the python script the scripts recognize the exact same structure The TeX to HTML translation is done with the command htmlfromtexbooks (you can alternatively copy the file under you own command folder and rename it as you want).

Basic Usage.

The basic usage of the command is the following:

htmlfromtexbooks --input <input_file> --output <output_file>


htmlfromtexbooks --input agh.tex --output agh.html

This is the only two required arguments, this command will translate the agh.tex file into HTML and prints it in the agh.html file. The name displayed in <title> and <h1> of the file will be the default one (which is “TeX”). To change it you can use the --name "A Name" option

htmlfromtexbooks --input agh.tex --output agh.html --name "A Galactic HRT"

This will put the name “A Galactic HRT” in the correct places.


To enable the use of a glossary the option is --use-glossary <glossary> example

htmlfromtexbooks --input agh.tex --use-glossary glossary.tex --name "A Galactic HRT" --output agh.html

Will use the glossary.tex file to provide entries to parse \gls{} commands. Use the name “A Galactic HRT” and prints the result to the agh.html file


You can choose a specific chapter to print with the --chapter <chapter> option example

htmlfromtexbooks --input agh.tex --use-glossary glossary.tex --chapter 2 --output chap2.html

Starting point

You can change at which chapter the HTML parsing starts with the --start-chapter <chapter> (default: 1) option for example for AGH this option is 2 because I don’t want the Edito to be parsed. 0 is before the first chapter, 1 is the edito and 2 is the prologue, which i want.

htmlfromtexbooks --input agh.tex --output agh.html --start-chapter 2

### AGH The full command line compilation for agh/agh-current/agh-french is

htmlfromtexbooks --input agh.tex --output web/agh.html --use-glossary glossary.tex --name "A Galactic HRT" --start-chapter 2


The script currently supports the following features: